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We help you stay safe online

Our world-class range of tools and services ensure you have the protection you need.

Cyber Security

We provide cyber security solutions to our clients and provide them with the cutting edge technology to protect their valuable data.

Email & Cloud Services

At BITBA we provide Microsoft 365, G Suites, custom SMTP services and online backup solutions to protect valuable data.

Firewall & VPN

Our clients' computers and portable devices are protected by advanced security solutions to avoid potential data loss.

Security made simple

Keep your company's data secure and protected, effortlessly

We engage with our clients to develop effortless plan to protect their computers and data.
Threat protection

Stop hackers before they ever gain access

A recent report indicated that just in 2021 more than 1,500 US businesses were affected by ransomware attacks. At BITBA we implement several preventative and cyber security protocols to prevent unauthorized individuals or groups gaining access to our clients valuable information and data.
Always protected

Complete online security, on all of your devices

At BITBA we provide a comprehensive approach to protect our clients' data. As part of our mission to improve the online security of our clients we implement training programs for the staff and contractors for each client.
What we do

How we keep you protected

We implement several advanced technologies and the following approaches to enhance our clients' network security.

Antivirus & Firewall

Our networks are protected by top of the line antivirus and firewall solutions and our team implement them for our clients.

Bank Level Encryption

Our communications and data are stored in highly protected servers with Bank Level encryption to minimize the risk of data loss.

Security Audits

We routinely conduct security audits and network penetration testings for our clients.

Security Analytics

We monitor our clients servers and provide them with detailed information about daily activities.


We help our clients to achieve required compliance for their business such as HIPAA and PCI.

Private Cloud Services

For our enterprise clients, we offer private cloud solutions that help their staff use company resources with no compromise.

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