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Security Steps & WordPress Installation

WordPress is one of the commonly used Content Manager Systems (CMS). This CMS offers great features to automatize many aspects of website design. It also provide a unique framework which make it more effective for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a great concern for many of the businesses as they want to be on the first page of google to absorb more visitors.

However there are many security concerns when WordPress is installed. In a series of blog posts we provide you with some tips to improve the security measures of your wordpress websites. Any website designed at BITBA are fully customized to avoid any of these security flaws.

Default Admin User:

The default admin user to access the wordpress admin portal is “admin”. It is highly recommended to change that username as it can be targeted by the brute force attacks. Also we recommend using a username which is not easy to predict. For example a username which includes your domain name is a NOT recommended.

Default Admin User:

The MySQL database of wordpress is labeled starting with “wp_“. This will make it much easier for security attacks as the website will be susceptible to SQL injections. It is highly recommended to change the name of database. However make sure you know how to do this step. Do not do this step without consulting with your web designer as it may cause your website to crash.


The best solution we recommend to our clients is keeping backups of your websites. Having multiple backups of your website helps recovering your information (design, posts, etc.) at a faster pace. Keeping your full backup using online backup solutions which assures security compliance is highly recommended. For example for our Health-related, medical office, and dental office clients we highly recommend solutions which provide HIPAA Online Backup Solutions.