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Inefficient SEO Practice

Search Engine Optimization is used by many internet marketing companies to increase the page rank and visibility of websites. For example you many notice that many websites automatically shows up on the first page of Google without any advertisement. This is due to the organic & white hat (accepted) SEO strategies.

However there are many companies which use unaccepted techniques to outrank their competitors. These techniques are not allowed by search engines and generally in the long-term will cause in getting penalized by them (i.e., getting black-listed).

One of the techniques being used by these companies are “backlinking“. This is a very good idea as basically the search engines literally follow up the other websites suggestion (backlinks). However this approach has been abused because many SEO companies provided a randomized article, called spun article, and tried to trick the search engine. However the new updates, Google Penguin & Google Panda provide many features to detect those low quality backlinks.

Our suggestion for your SEO is summarized in the following statement:

Quality Content

If your website and the backlinks to your website provide quality information about the contents of your work and eventually provide valuable information to the public there is much higher chance that your website shows up on the first page of Google.

If you have any question about SEO strategies we highly recommend you contact our SEO experts and they are more than happy to provide you with more information about this process.