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HIPAA Compliant Backup

HIPAA Compliant Backups

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted to ensure the integrity, security and, confidentiality of the medical records. All the health-related businesses in the United States are required by law to comply with this act. One of the aspects of this act is to increase the security of the digital data stored on-site & off-site. This is an important issue for many of the involved businesses as the violation of this act may result in violating the privacy of the patients and a huge financial penalty. At BITBA we provide off-site & on-site HIPAA compliant backup services which assures the privacy and security of the stored digital information. Our experts will provide you a range of full managed services to backup important financial, medical records, and other important business information while protecting your privacy. With our UltraSafe solutions even our engineers do not have access to your information.