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Recover WordPress After Hack by using R1Soft in cPanel

In this article we discuss how to recover a wordpress site after it is hacked or compromised. This method can be used in case you accidentally deleted a file or database as well. There are several ways to recover your … Read More

Reduce Restart or Shutdown Time in Windows

Many of you may have noticed that your systems are stuck in restart or shutdown mode for a long time before any action is processed and the computer is either restarted or shutdown. Before making any changes we recommend please … Read More

fix Error ID 4015

Fix Event ID 4015

In follow up to our previous posting in regards to the event ID 4015 error in windows 2003 or windows 2008 we have created a registry file. You may use this to fix the error however please consult with your … Read More

Error Event 4004 and 4015 Windows Server Stuck in Apply Settings

In one of our servers that runs Windows 2003 we noticed that the reboot time has significantly increased and it takes up to 30 minutes to reboot the server. In another post we will discuss how to reduce the shutdown … Read More

Can't change name of a computer in a workgroup or domain

You were not connected because a duplicate name exists on the network. Go to System in Control Panel to change the computer name and try again.

In your network you may decide to update the name of a computer. Your computer can be part of a domain or workgroup. However in some cases you may have an old computer that you need to replace. After replacing … Read More

IT Consulting Company

You have the best information communication technology if you would make use of business VoIP from an IT consulting company. The use of this business communication has made it possible for a lot of businesses flourish around the world. The … Read More

White Hat SEO by BITBA Web Development

White Hat SEO Strategy

White hat SEO strategy is the use of search engine optimization techniques and tactics which is focused on the human as opposed to search engines but follows the search engine policies and rules. The social media marketing has come to … Read More

Google Search and Backlinks

Links are what would give any website the connection with audience and market at an affordable rate. Website Designer has come to help those who need backlinking for their websites. And this is what would make a new website come … Read More

Open m files with Matlab program

Sometimes when you install Matlab program (Mathworks Inc.) you may notice that the “m” files are not associated with the Matlab program. The file may look something like the following image and as you notice there is no specific icon … Read More

Online Backup

Online Backup Solutions

If you must have a good website you must look for an online backup that would protect you when anything goes wrong. Giving a web designer a clear and full information about your goods and services as regard to the … Read More