Recover WordPress After Hack by using R1Soft in cPanel

In this article we discuss how to recover a wordpress site after it is hacked or compromised. This method can be used in case you accidentally deleted a file or database as well. There are several ways to recover your website. In this article we discuss how to use a feature that is provided by some hosting providers. They utilize a backup technology called Continue

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Free Android Apps by Amazon

Today Amazon has decided to offer some free android apps that are currently are on being sold on Google Play. The total amount…  Continue

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Reduce Restart or Shutdown Time in Windows

Many of you may have noticed that your systems are stuck in restart or shutdown mode for a long time before any action is processed and the computer is either restarted or shutdown. Before making any changes we recommend please consult with your computer administrator. As usual follow these instructions at your own risk but this has been tested by our team several times and have been helpful for o…  Continue

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Fix Event ID 4015

In follow up to our previous posting in regards to the event ID 4015 error in windows 2003 or windows 2008 we have created a registry file. You may use this to fix the error however please consult with your IT support department and use the file at your own risk.

What is Error Event ID 4015?

The general message is " Th…  Continue

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Error Event 4004 and 4015 Windows Server Stuck in Apply Settings

In one of our servers that runs Windows 2003 we noticed that the reboot time has significantly increased and it takes up to 30 minutes to reboot the server. In another post we will discuss how to reduce the shutdown or restart time for windows server however looking at the events we noticed multiple error event ID 4004 and error event ID 4015. Here is the solution that worked for us. We did cha…  Continue

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You were not connected because a duplicate name exists on the network. Go to System in Control Panel to change the computer name and try again.

In your network you may decide to update the name of a computer. Your computer can be part of a domain or workgroup. However in some cases you may have an old computer that you need to replace. After replacing that computer you may want to update the name of a new machine to match the name of the previous computer. In some cases then you may see the error of Continue

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IT Consulting Company

You have the best information communication technology if you would make use of business VoIP from an IT consulting company. The use of this business communication has made it possible for a lot of businesses flourish around the world. The technology has made it possible for clients and business owners to stay …  Continue

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White Hat SEO Strategy

White hat SEO strategy is the use of search engine optimization techniques and tactics which is focused on the human as opposed to search engines but follows the search engine policies and rules. The social media marketing has come to change the way we make a profit in our business. The reason why social network is becom…  Continue

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Google Search and Backlinks

Links are what would give any website the connection with audience and market at an affordable rate. Website Designer has come to help those who need backlinking for their websites. And this is what would make a new website come up to the first page of some search engines like Google search. And if it is done …  Continue

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Open m files with Matlab program

Sometimes when you install Matlab program (Mathworks Inc.) you may notice that the "m" files are not associated with the Matlab program. The file may look something like the following image and as you notice there is no specific icon associated to that. Continue

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Online Backup Solutions

Online Backup If you must have a good website you must look for an Continue

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Run command prompt as administrator in windows 2003

Command Prompt In this post we will discuss how to run command prompt as administrator in windows 2003. Many of you may already know how to…  Continue

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Mapped Drives Keep Disconnecting

For the users in a network that is controlled by a Server 2000 or Server 2003 you may notice that the mapped drives keep disconnecting. This will cause a lot of problems as many of the workstations may use the servers as a storage server therefore the mapped drive serve as a storage device. For example…  Continue

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Disable or Bypass Shutdown UI notification after Server 2003 Crash

You may have noticed that if a server 2003 crashes unexpectedly after the reboot there is a User Interface (UI) will show up to record the exact reason for the unexpected shut down. In this article we discuss how to bypass this UI automatically; this might be needed for the users who need their servers to automatically login to the admin account to start a program. To do so follow these step…  Continue

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Is your website Blacklisted?

Is your website Blacklisted by Google? You may regularly hear this term that a website is "Blacklisted" by Google or other Search Engines. But what exactly happens if a website is blacklisted and how you can prevent that? Everyday a series of malicious software, scripts, and files are surfing the web targeting different websites. If a website is infected by any of these scripts it may cause a…  Continue

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Inefficient SEO Practice

Search Engine Optimization is used by many internet marketing companies to increase the page rank and visibility of websites. For example you many notice that many websites automatically shows up on the first page of Google without any advertisement. This is due to the organic & white hat (accepted) SEO strategies. However there are many companies which use unaccepted techniques to outrank …  Continue

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Security Steps & WordPress Installation

Wordpress is one of the commonly used Content Manager Systems (CMS). This CMS offers great features to automatize many aspects of website design. It also provide a unique framework which make it more effective for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a great concern for many of the businesses as they want to be on the first page of google to absorb more visitors. However there are many secu…  Continue

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WHMCS Security Alert

On May 22, 2012 WHMCS has sent the account users that its database might have been compromised. They highly recommended that the password on the accounts  to  get updated. for all of our clients we have already updated the passwords and we have monitored the activities to ensure the health of their systems.…  Continue

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Is your website safe?

If you are using MySQL to store confidential information on your local host it is essential to make sure that the host is periodically checked to be malware free. These scripts can take few KB of storage however the damages they may cause may be drastic. If the website is infected by malware there is a high chance that it would be black-listed by Google and other search engines to protect the view…  Continue

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Data Security and Online Backup

Online Backup has been introduced as a contingency plan for data recovery however the security of online backup has always been questioned. Many business owners might feel that keeping the data only in their business location is much safer than transferring data via web to an off-site server. However the strong and military graded encryption algorithms ensures the high security of data storage …  Continue

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