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Google Search and Backlinks

Links are what would give any website the connection with audience and market at an affordable rate. Website Designer has come to help those who need backlinking for their websites. And this is what would make a new website come … Read More

Open m files with Matlab program

Sometimes when you install Matlab program (Mathworks Inc.) you may notice that the “m” files are not associated with the Matlab program. The file may look something like the following image and as you notice there is no specific icon … Read More

Website Application Development

A good web designer is a gate way to a superb website application development. This can only be achieved if you hire a good web designer with knowledge of website design. Make sure you give a web designer full clear … Read More

Online Backup

Online Backup Solutions

If you must have a good website you must look for an online backup that would protect you when anything goes wrong. Giving a web designer a clear and full information about your goods and services as regard to the … Read More

BITBA offsite computer support

Offsite computer support

Offsite computer support has made it simple for those who are making use of PC and laptops to have a full control over their systems. There are lots of offsite supports that are made available to people who need help. … Read More

Run command prompt as administrator in windows 2003

In this post we will discuss how to run command prompt as administrator in windows 2003. Many of you may already know how to run command prompt as administrator in windows 7 or Vista by right clicking on the command … Read More

Mapped Drives Keep Disconnecting

For the users in a network that is controlled by a Server 2000 or Server 2003 you may notice that the mapped drives keep disconnecting. This will cause a lot of problems as many of the workstations may use the … Read More

Disable or Bypass Shutdown UI notification after Server 2003 Crash

You may have noticed that if a server 2003 crashes unexpectedly after the reboot there is a User Interface (UI) will show up to record the exact reason for the unexpected shut down. In this article we discuss how to … Read More

Is your website Blacklisted?

Is your website Blacklisted by Google? You may regularly hear this term that a website is “Blacklisted” by Google or other Search Engines. But what exactly happens if a website is blacklisted and how you can prevent that? Everyday a series of … Read More

Inefficient SEO Practice

Search Engine Optimization is used by many internet marketing companies to increase the page rank and visibility of websites. For example you many notice that many websites automatically shows up on the first page of Google without any advertisement. This … Read More