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Resolved – Dropbox Shows Mac Hidden Files in Windows Computer

Use this code in "Windows Power Shell"  
Get-ChildItem "C:\Users\User\Dropbox\Folder\" -recurse -force | Where-Object {$ -like ".*" -and $_.attributes -match 'Hidden' -eq $false} | Set-ItemProperty -name Attributes -value ([System.IO.FileAttributes]::Hidden)

Recover WordPress After Hack by using R1Soft in cPanel

In this article we discuss how to recover a wordpress site after it is hacked or compromised. This method can be used in case you accidentally deleted a file or database as well. There are several ways to recover your website. In this article we discuss how to use a feature that is provided by some hosting providers. They utilize a backup technology called R1Soft. Following the following steps and automatically recover your files.

Step 1- Create a Full Backup of your cPanel account.

1) Navigate to find "Backup Wizard" cPanel-Backup-Wizard-Wordpress-Hack-Recovery-BITBA-Network   2) Click on "Backup" cPanel-Backup-Wizard-Wordpress-Hack-Recovery-BITBA-Network   3) Generate a full backup for your cPanel. This will create a full backup of your files, databases, and email forwarders. R1Soft-0-2   4) In the next window you can set the system to send you a confirmation email when the full backup is completed. R1Soft-0-3    

Step 1- Use R1Soft Backup and Recovery Service.

1) Navigate to find "R1Soft" icon cPanel-Backup-R1Soft-Wordpress-Hack-Recovery-BITBA-Network 2) A new window opens that shows available backups, files and emails. You can choose the last good copy that you have (generally this is set to backup the files every 24 hours but you should check that with your hosting company). On the right side you can see some icons. If you click on the "browser" icon then you can navigate to recover the files. cPanel-Backup-R1Soft-Wordpress-Hack-Recovery-BITBA-Network   3) Navigate to the file or folder you want to recovery and then click on Restore and the files would be automatically recovered. R1Soft-3   cPanel-Backup-R1Soft-Wordpress-Hack-Recovery-BITBA-Network   4) Finally you have to recover the database that is compromised as well. cPanel-Backup-R1Soft-database-backup-Wordpress-Hack-Recovery-BITBA-Network   After the recovery is completed follow make sure you update your administrator username and password. Change your database password (and preferably database name). Finally update the wordpress secrete salt. You may follow the steps in the the article title "What To Do If Your WordPress Site Gets Hacked" to make these changes.  

Free Android Apps by Amazon

Today Amazon has decided to offer some free android apps that are currently are on being sold on Google Play. The total amount of your saving may add up to $220. So if you are interested in these apps you may wish to download them before the promotion is over. To do that you need to have an amazon account and you may need to download Amazon App Store app on your mobile. The list of the apps are as follows:
Alarm Clock Xtreme
Alice Trapped in Wonderland
Angry Birds Star Wars
AVG Antivirus PRO Android Security
Azkend 2: The World Beneath
Bills Reminder
Buttons and Scissors Pro
Calculator Plus
Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink
Deep Sleep With Andrew Johnson
Distant Suns: Unleash Your Inner Astronaut
Food Diary and Calorie Tracker
Fruit Ninja
Garfield’s Escape
Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Might and Magic Clash of Heroes
Mini Piano
Patchworkz (Full) Lab PRO
Riptide GP 2
Sparkle 2 Evo
Stack the States
Table Top Racing
Thomas Was Alone
Townsmen Premium
Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past
Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client

Reduce Restart or Shutdown Time in Windows

Many of you may have noticed that your systems are stuck in restart or shutdown mode for a long time before any action is processed and the computer is either restarted or shutdown. Before making any changes we recommend please consult with your computer administrator. As usual follow these instructions at your own risk but this has been tested by our team several times and have been helpful for our clients. To reduce restart or shutdown time in windows you need to make a few changes in the windows registry. We will first explain these changes then we have prepared a registry file that you can use for altering the registry in your computer. Please be advised that these methods only work on Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP, 2003, and 2008. Step 1 ) Start registry editor in your computer. If you don't know how you may click on start menu and type "regedit" and press enter. If you still don't know how to do that you may either double click on the file we attached here However we highly recommend you discuss this with your IT support. Step2) Reduce Kill Service Timeout: Generally your computer is set to wait 12 seconds to kill each service if it is not responding to the restart or shutdown command however this may be a long time if you have several windows services that are stuck. So the following change in registry makes the time required for the operating system to wait before it kills the task to only 1000 milliseconds (1 second).  Please be advised this may result in losing some data or your program not to gracefully shutdown so please consult with your IT support. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control] "WaitToKillServiceTimeout"="1000" Step 3) Reduce the time for killing stuck apps. By adding the following to your registry you will tell the operating system that it has the option to automatically close any app after 1 seconds and to kill the app if it is not responding to graceful shutdown or restart. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] "AutoEndTasks"="1" "HungAppTimeout"="1000" "WaitToKillAppTimeout"="1000"   This should make a huge difference in the time your computer is stuck before restart or shutdown. However if your problem persists we highly recommend you contact your IT support or system administrator to help you with the issue. The file is tested by VirusTotal service and more than 53 antivirus has cleared the file However use the file at your own risk. Slow Windows Restart Time Fix download If you do not wish to add these entry to your computer registry manually you can simply download this file and double click on the file. This will add the registry entries to your computer. ---------------------------------------------- disclaimer: This file is tested by VirusTotal. Click on the following secure icon to check the report. Security Analysis Report for Quick Restart Registry File    

How to fix WHMCS Email Pipe Problem

In this article we discuss how to resolve the email piping issue in WHMCS. This is one of the key features of WHMCS for customer support. WHMCS email pipe problem is a common issue especially after a new WHMCS installation. You can set up a cron job to pipe the emails into your WHMCS using the "Email forwarder" or "POP3 Import" For email forwarders you add similar command to your cron job | php -q /home/cpanel username/public_html/clients/pipe/pipe.php In some cases when a client send an email to your support department (for example, [email protected]) they immediately receive a mail delivery failure report. This may be due to the permission issue to the pipe.php file and how you have set up your email piping in WHMC. The return email is something like following:   This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of itsrecipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:   pipe to |/home/username/public_html/clients/pipe/pipe.php    generated by [email protected]    local delivery failed The following text was generated during the delivery attempt: ------ pipe to |/home/username/public_html/clients/pipe/pipe.php       generated by [email protected] ------ cagefs_enter: /home/username/public_html/clients/pipe/pipe.php: Permission denied ------ This is a copy of the message, including all the headers. ------ The easiest way to resolve the issue is using the cPanel and change the permission of the pipe.php file (which is generally 644) to a lower security level that allows writing permission (permission 755). This will allow the sent emails to be write into the pipe.php and a ticket number be issued.  

Fix Event ID 4015

In follow up to our previous posting in regards to the event ID 4015 error in windows 2003 or windows 2008 we have created a registry file. You may use this to fix the error however please consult with your IT support department and use the file at your own risk.

What is Error Event ID 4015?

The general message is " The DNS server has encountered a critical error from the Active Directory. Check that Active Directory is functioning properly. The extended error debug information (which may be empty) is "". The event data contains the error. ...." This error will result in a considerably long delay when you boot your server. Thus to resolve the issue we need to fix the registry entry for windows timing. This may be one of the possible solutions but in our case it worked fine. Here is a snap shot of the error: fix Error ID 4015

How to fix Event ID 4015?

Download the following registry file: download [wpdm_package id='775']   and double click on the file. You will see some error message similar to the following image: Error-Event-ID-4015-Registry Import       This will essentially replace the following key in your computer: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\TimeProviders\NtpClient] "Enabled"=dword:00000000 This should resolve the issue however discuss the problem with your IT support and use the file at your own risk.

Error Event 4004 and 4015 Windows Server Stuck in Apply Settings

In one of our servers that runs Windows 2003 we noticed that the reboot time has significantly increased and it takes up to 30 minutes to reboot the server. In another post we will discuss how to reduce the shutdown or restart time for windows server however looking at the events we noticed multiple error event ID 4004 and error event ID 4015. Here is the solution that worked for us. We did change the registry inputs. Make sure you consult with your IT manager before making any registry changes as it can cause irreversible damage to your server if you are not fully aware of what change you are making. Solution: Step 1- You need to run the regedit.exe. For example in Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 click on "Start" then click on "Run" and type "Regedit" and press enter. This will open up the registry view. Step 2- Create a backup of your registry by clicking on "File" then "Export" and save the registry file to a safe location that you can recover even if the windows is not booting. Step 3- Locate the following registry keys. Just remember these errors generally are caused by the windows time provider protocol (W32Time). HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\TimProviders\NtpClient\ On the right pane you will see an entry called "Enabled" (type is "REG_DWORD"). Edit the value by double clicking on the entry and change the value from "1" to "0" Please make sure the base is "Hexadecimal". After the settings are applied close the registry settings. Restart the server and your problem should be resolved. Disclaimer: Please use the above instructions fully at your own risk. Changing windows registry may cause irreversible damages to your operating system thus you should discuss any of the steps with your system administrator.  

You were not connected because a duplicate name exists on the network. Go to System in Control Panel to change the computer name and try again.

In your network you may decide to update the name of a computer. Your computer can be part of a domain or workgroup. However in some cases you may have an old computer that you need to replace. After replacing that computer you may want to update the name of a new machine to match the name of the previous computer. In some cases then you may see the error of Can't change name of a computer in a workgroup or domain You were not connected because a duplicate name exists on the network. Go to System in Control Panel to change the computer name and try again. In our example, we replaced a windows 2003 in a workgroup and when we tried to add a new server with the same name we saw similar error. The easiest way to resolve the issue is editing your registry as you know the name you are assigning to the new server is available. Follow these steps to modify the registry. 1) Start the registry editor: Generally you can click on start menu and run or search "RegEdit" 2) Find the following registry location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\lanmanserver\parameters 3) On the right pane right click and define (Add Value): The value name is DisableStrictNameChecking the type is REG_DWORD and the Value is 1. 4) After setting up the above key you can exit the registry and you SHOULD restart the computer to see the effects. As usual, please make sure you consult with your IT support department before making any changes to the registry. Changing registry may cause serious damage to your server or computer and may result in losing functionality. Please try the suggested method at your own risk.  

IT Consulting Company

You have the best information communication technology if you would make use of business VoIP from an IT consulting company. The use of this business communication has made it possible for a lot of businesses flourish around the world. The technology has made it possible for clients and business owners to stay together over the phone. You should understand that you are not expected to burn your cell phone minutes when you are making use of a VoIP.  You can get this done with the support of a broadband connection and make any business call from your hotel room, cafe and bathroom. Everywhere is a business ground when you are making use of this call. If you have a laptop, it is very easy to make your call. There is lots of telephony software that has made it possible for you to get connected to clients. You need a microphone or headphone unit that would be connected to your laptop. When you have this facility, you connect to your client with an internet access. You can make use of fax and voice mail to your electronic mail if you miss. There are so many features and applications that you would get when you make use of the VoIP services that are advertised .  The features and applications that have been provided to make it possible for you to handle every call if you can use an IT firm. You can receive, send and even forward your messages with this technology. If you can make use of virtual phone number, it would be possible for you to be assigned to a local area code. If you are , you have a huge benefit of making use of the available area codes that can be assigned to you according to where you are staying. You are going to increase your business productivity when you make use of a VoIP service technology. You have the benefit of making use of multiple devices in getting across to your clients within a short time. There are lots of benefits that VoIP can give to you as a business person. This is the reason why so many people are now making use of the services that they get from various companies that are in this business. Before you can make use of any business that is offering you VoIP services, you should do a background work on the company. This is what you can do if you are ready to have an exceptional voice over the internet service for your business.  The installation can be done by an IT consulting company if you are unable to do it. There is an opportunity for you to secure your network when you are making use of a VoIP. This is what you can do to prevent hackers from making use of your system.  There are lots of factors that have made it possible for you to make businesses easier and one of them is VoIP. The business VoIP has all you desire in getting an effective and great communication system that is affordable with a great IT consulting company.

White Hat SEO Strategy

White hat SEO strategy is the use of search engine optimization techniques and tactics which is focused on the human as opposed to search engines but follows the search engine policies and rules. The social media marketing has come to change the way we make a profit in our business. The reason why social network is becoming popular today is because of the friendly interface that they are designed. There is hardly a social network that would not entice you when you visit it. This is the reason why a lot of business has found their marketing niche in this platform.  If you would want to change the way that your business is published, you can make use of the social media network. SMO (social media optimization ) is a technique that would help you get the best in search engine ranking for any business. White Hat SEO by BITBA Web Development An increase in white hat SEO strategy is what every web site would wish to get.  Social media optimization has come to support any website owner would want to increase his or her ranking or rating online.  It may not be possible for a lot of web sites because they do not have the vault that would open them up to various links to great web sites and blogs. It is very simple to make use. And if you are new to this linking system that would increase your blog or website, there are instructions for you online.   If you need to improve the way your web site is, you should go for social media optimization.  This is what a lot of websites are making use of in increasing their ranking online. A web site that has no strong online presence would not be able to function effectively without backlink. Search engine optimization is what would increase the ranking of a web site that has no strong relevance online.  A lot of people who are not aware of this technology online should take advantage of it in increasing its SERP ranking.   White hat SEO strategy are what would help a web site owner achieve the aim of its web site goals. It is not every web site that would be recognized online because they are not able to make use of links to their web sites. Links are what would give any website the connection with an audience and market at an affordable rate. SMO have come to help those who need social media optimization for their web sites. And this is what would make a new web site come up on the first page of any search engines. And if it is done properly, it would reach a wider range of people than a website owner can ever imagine with simple method.   This is the reason why you can easily make use of white hat SEO strategy marketing for your website. The cost of doing this is not on the high site. This is the reason why you can make a profit within a short time when you are able to take full advantage of marketing. This is the best thing that could happen when business owners would want to increase the level of their business strong online presence at affordable rate.